SA Adult Speech Therapy
Neuro & Swallowing Rehab

"I strive to provide excellent care to my adult/geriatric population that have had a change in their lifestyle in the area of cognition, communication, fluency, voice or swallowing. My goal is to reach your prior level of function and regain your independence and quality of life. I am dedicated to help you after injury or illness. My passion is to service you."


Do you have trouble swallowing? Signs you may have trouble are: throat clearing; frequent episodes of pneumonia; coughing/choking with meals; etc. I can help! I am certified in Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation [NMES].


I can help with any trouble with communication, whether it be word-finding, poor comprehension of spoken language, or voice deficits, I can help! Ialso service patient's voice impairments from Parkinson's Disease.


Trouble thinking? Memory problems? Difficulty with multi-tasking? Attention problems? Difficulty with reasoning or problem solving? I can help get you back to your prior level of function. .

I service adults and geriatrics that have some, but not limited to the following diagnoses: TBI, Stroke, Autoimmune disease, Parkinson's Disease, Aspiration Pneumonia, laryngeal cancer

I currently accept private pay and the following insurances: Traditional Medicare, Tricare Standard/Prime, Triwest, Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, some Medicare advantage plans, and American Specialty Health